The group collaborates with a wide range of researchers both at UT and elsewhere including, Utrecht University (Netherlands), Harvard University (USA), Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA), and Indiana University (USA). At UT, the group is part of the biophysics effort which includes the group of Jaan Mannik (

Research Associates

Dima Bolmatov - Dima is a research assistant professor at UT and works on understanding the structure and function of heterogeneities in biological membranes. He uses scattering techniques including elastic and inelastic neutron and X-ray scattering. He is an expert in using solid state approaches to understand fundamental aspects of soft materials. (

Graduate Students


Mu-Hung Chang - Mu-Hung works on understanding the formation and structure of the bacterial nucleoid and the general organization of the internal components of the bacterial cell. Mu-Hung uses ideas from the physics of polymers and liquid-liquid phase separation to describe the effects of crowding and DNA compaction. Mu-hung works in close collaboration with the Mannik group (
 Nora Bauer  - Nora works on modelling the motion of domain walls in ferroelectric materials. She studies the effects of both thermal and spatially quenched disorder on the velocity and shape of the domain wall. Her modelling uses a free energy approach from which she extracts a stochastic partial differential equation for the local polarization in the material. Nora is particularly interested in how noise influences materials with many metastable states (i.e., "multiple potential wells" in the free energy).

Undergraduate Students

Dominique Odens (2022) - undergraduate summer research intern. Dominique works on random walk models for understanding molecular motion within biological membranes.


Clara Castillo (2018-2021) - graduate student, now postdoc at UTK
Adam Bryant (2018-2021) - undergraduate researcher, now engineer in Colorado
Christal Martin (2018-2020) - undergraduate researcher, honors thesis, now graduate student at UTK
Immanuel Schmidt (-2022) - undergraduate researcher, honors thesis, now graduate student at UIUC
Charles Ladd (2018) - undergraduate summer research intern
Mary Kemp (2017) - undergraduate researcher